What we do

General and specialized construction, reforms and rehabilitation of different types of buildings.

We carry out different types of building constructions and interventions

Single family homes

Houses, bungalows, chalets, villas, prefabricated houses and other configurations

Multi-family homes

Residential buildings of flats, Housing complex, apartments, studios, duplexes and others.

Commercial buildings

Shopping centers, corporate buildings, work centers, offices, etc.

Industrial Construction
Storage and Distribution Buildings , Manufacturing buildings, Flex Space Buildings etc
Agricultural Buildings

Rustic homes, farm house, warehouse building, irrigation water tanks, etc

Buildings for tourism

Hospitality buildings, apartment and bungalow resorts, villas and others.

New building, renovation and rehabilitation

We carry out construction projects of any size, from a small reform in a home for private clients to the complete execution of construction of multi-storey residential and industrial buildings for companies and investors.

We build residential buildings. We carry out reforms and rehabilitation in spaces of different constructive typologies. In buildings of the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors and depending on their use.

We carry out the execution of works under technical project or plans. We carry out all or part of the work.

Camión grua en obra de vivienda

We stand out for our experience in the construction sector, the quality of the materials with which we work and the seriousness that we have earned throughout this time.

  • Clearance & Excavation
  • Demolition and cleaning
  • Concrete foundations
  • Structures concrete and metal
  • Enclosure, wall, Column box, Cladding
  • Tile, flooring & pavement instalation
  • Paintings
  • Swimming Pool Construction
  • Stonewalls
  • Waterproofing (terraces, rooftops, deposits, etc…)
  • Irrigation ponds
  • Soaking wells (cesspools)
  • Pladur plates (divisions, false ceilings, etc.)
  • Electrical, sanitary and plumbing installations
  • Photovoltaic and solar thermal panel installations.
  • Others

Quality, seriousness and guarantees

Our materials, machinery and construction tools have CE marking.