Prefabricated concrete houses

We have 2 models “Types” of design of prefabricated concrete houses with approved technical project and ready to build on your land. Your plot must be classified as urban land or rural settlement. We estimate a delivery time of your house from 3 to 6 months, including installations and finishes. Ready to enjoy.

house type 1

Exterior de casa prefabricada de hormigon con gardín
Distribución planta de casas prefabricadas hormigon Tipo 2

quality materials, solid, strong and durable over time

Homes to enjoy the present and the future in personalized and adapted environments


Modern design of a prefabricated concrete house with a useful area of ​​88 m2, and with access to the outside, open and bright spaces.

Built area: 100m2
Kitchen / dining room
3 bedrooms
Living room
2 bathrooms
steel and concrete
Technical project
Turnkey delivery
Finish work.: 3 to 6 months
Accessibility (Consult)

Ideal for building in our Canary Islands, perfectly adapting to tourist areas, urban or rural, as a first or second home, or to satisfy tourist demand on the islands.

house type 2

Exterior de casa prefabricada de hormigon con gardín en zona urbana
Distribución planta de vivienda prefabricada hormigon Tipo 2

An investment for the future

The interior layout can be custom designed by the client, or dimensioned and adapted following an accessible universal design.


Elegant and cozy design of a single-storey house with a covered terrace and access to the outside from the kitchen and living room. Prefabricated house with a useful area of ​​approx. 102 m2.

Built area: 83,5 m2 inside + 29 m2 exterior
Independent kitchen
Living room
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Dressing room
Covered terrace
steel and concrete
Technical project
Turnkey delivery
Finish work.: 3 to 6 months
Accessibility (Consult)

Depending on the dimensions of your plot, you can complement your private outdoor space for leisure and enjoyment with a garden area, swimming pool, orchards, barbecues, etc. for the enjoyment of family and friends.

The construction process of prefabricated concrete houses is an efficient system, which is tending to be widely accepted, both by building professionals, as well as by clients or owners.

The advantages offered by this construction system, following the industrialized model, is the speed with which the work is executed. The elements that make up the structure and enclosures come in modular pieces or custom-made panels to be assembled on the land where the house will be located, unlike traditional systems of works that are made with blocks or bricks. This system allows for a reduction in time, costs and waste generation on the construction site, and the client receives turnkey in a short period of time and for a low price compared to the traditional house construction system.

On the other hand, the maintenance that the structure and enclosures carry for this type of construction material, concrete, compared to other types of materials is less than that which has to be applied with other materials.

Our models of prefabricated concrete houses are designed by architects and have the technical project sealed by the official college of architects. This guarantees compliance with the requirements of the Technical Building Code (CTE) in Spain, and a useful life of 50 years, just like conventional construction homes.

Both the foundation and structure, as well as the facilities, comply with the regulations in force in Spain and the autonomous communities.

We include everything. The interior layout can be customized by the client, and if desired, with an accessible universal design, without barriers. You will have our advice for any question.

Quality information

Reinforced concrete ceilings
Reinforced concrete foundation
Metal pillars
Reinforced concrete walls with openings for doors and windows
Aluminum exterior carpentry
Interior woodwork
Thermal-acoustic insulation
Divisions and cladding with drywall
Sanitation installation and septic tank
Sanitary cold water installations
Sanitary hot water installations
– Thermal solar panel
Electrical installations
Telecommunications facilities
Sanitary furniture

– Suspended toilet with built-in cistern.
– Washbasin with cabinet.
– Extra-flat shower tray with glass screen

Tiled to be chosen by the client
Ceramic floors to be chosen by the client
Interior and exterior white paint finishes

does not include

License Fees
Land preparation and clearing
Adsorbent well
Kitchen furniture and other.